Cash On Delivery

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An extremely funny, fast paced farce written by Michael Cooney. The fun starts from the very beginning and never lets up.
Eric Swan lost his job several years ago and reluctantly started a scam to get money from the welfare department as a temporary solution. He is desperately trying to get out of the scam, unfortunatly everything he tries gets him entitled to more benifits. Things go from bad to worse when Eric is forced to bring Norman Bassett, his upstairs lodger, into his confidence. With welfare inspectors, funeral directors, social workers, bodies, gurnies, mariage guidance councillor and thunderstorms don’t help either, this farce has it all including a washing machine with attitude.

The performance dates were:

Tickets were sold  from Piako Stationery, Whitaker street, Te Aroha (07) 8849110

Email bookings to -                          Ticket price was $20

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