Directed by John Watson and Ian Harrop

VoD 01

The Te Aroha Dramatic Society are staging the hilarious comedy’ The Vicar of Dibley’ at the Te Aroha Little Theatre in March next year. We are seeking keen individuals to audition for the following roles but please note that suggested ages are only indicative. Rehearsals will start in November.

Vicar Pottle - A very old and frail gentleman who has been the Vicar for about 70 years (or so it seems).

Geraldine Granger - Is the bouncy, bubbly, curvy female Vicar of Dibley.

David Horton - Is one of those people who enjoys being in charge and assumes he is: he might even be described as being a bit power-trippy. A role for a man aged between 55 and 70.

Alice Tinker - Is a few sandwiches (and cakes, and pork pies, and sausage rolls...) short of a picnic. Aged between 18 and 35.

Hugo Horton - Poor Hugo is the veritable puppet of his controlling father. Aged between 20 and 40.

Frank Pickle - A simple minded man - aged between 55 and 75.

Jim Trott - Quite a rough around the edges man aged between 55 and 75.

Owen Newitt - Is the local farmer aged between 40 and 65

Letitia Cropley - A very caring lady who longs to provide nourishing refreshment and sustenance to her close friends and neighbours a woman aged between 60 and 80.

A Woman - A small role - appears at the end of the play age not applicable.

Auditions will be held at 2pm at the Te Aroha Little Theatre in Honi St on Sunday 25th October at 2pm or by special arrangement if this date and time is unsuitable. Please contact John Watson on (022) 1564708 to express initial interest or have a chat

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